The following are some points that can be used as objections to the planning application, 13/3764C, submitted by Bellway Homes to develop 104 houses off Waggs Road.  Please note that these points are a first draft and will be updated in due course.  These points are also in a PDF document that you can access here, so you can more easily copy the information.

  1. The proposed development site lies outside the development zones identified in the Congleton Town Strategic Plan and in the Cheshire East  Local Plan and therefore does not satisfy policy PS8(iv). [Note: this was previously incorrectly stated as PS9(iv)]

  2. This is not a small scheme and does not consist entirely of housing that will be retained at low-cost in perpetuity and is therefore contrary to the Cheshire East Local Plan Policy H14.

  3. The development will be destructive of wildlife and habitat, contrary to Policy NR4.

  4. The site is an area of land which together with adjoining fields, paths and the Fol Hollow/ Waggs Road was identified by local residents in consultation on the Local Plan as being of special historical and recreational importance.

  5. The land is currently farmed and is good quality agricultural land.

  6. The proposal is for housing which does not satisfy the local housing needs as identified in the Cheshire East Local Plan.

  7. There are significant road safety issues which are being ignored by the developer. The Transport Assessment attached to the plan fails to address the road safety issues of the Waggs/Road and Fol Hollow road and the junction with the A34.  Some of the assertions in the Transport Assessment, particularly with regard to useful public transport, estimated travel times, cycle and footpath provision and traffic movements are overly optimistic and fail to recognize that Fol Hollow is not a safe route to school (Congleton High School) and that the nature of this road makes the walking and cycling options unfeasible.

  8. The proposed site is in very close proximity to the village of Astbury which is important for historical and heritage reasons and which generates important tourist revenues for the town. It is considered that preservation of the “distance” and the aspect are important for the regional economy.

  9. The proposal does not include any significant infrastructure gains or improvements in terms of schools, health services or roads. Currently all of these are at capacity and, especially, doctor’s surgeries are over-subscribed.

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